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Electrical Wiring Service

What is a Cable Harness?

cable harness, also known as a wire harnesscable assemblywiring assembly or wiring loom, is an assembly of electrical cables or wires. The cables are bound together by a durable material such as rubbervinylelectrical tapeconduit, a weave of extruded string, or a combination these.[2] Wikipedia

If you want the quality you would expect from the dealership, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere, you have found it.

Electrical Wiring HarnessService

We offer:

  • Custom made loom braiding service.
  • Labeling machine
  • Wire harness loom
  • Design and fabrication of wiring harness.
  • Source replacement EFI Connectors

Come to us for our electrical wiring harness service.  We have a make sure your wiring is first class. After all, we are the Harness Masters.

Harness Braiding

Electrical wire Braiding Service

Braid is composed of pvc coated nylon threads woven tightly around electrical harness/loom. Braiding is important for electrical harnesses as it extends the service life of harnesses provides a protective layer from chafing, heat, oil, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, cold flexibility, fire resistance, moisture and other wear and tear to electrical harnesses. Providing a unform surface.

 We stock two High Performance ranges of yarn: VN-4400S & VN-4000S. Vinyl coated nylon yarn performs at higher temperatures for extended periods of time while retaining the properties of high fire retardancy, abrasion and oil resistance. Meets MVSS 302, SAE J369, UL94 V-0 at 125 mL.

Effects of Common Vehicle Fluids
24 Hours at 200°F        VN-4400S/4000S

Grease 4 0                                   0                                          
Motor Oil 10 w 30                     1          
Battery Acid                               2            
Anti Freeze                                0            
Windshield Wiper Fluid         2             
Hydraulic Fluid                        0             
Gunk                                           0             
Relative Abrasion Resistance    2            


Fluid Rating System
Abrasion Rating System    0 = No Effect
0 = No Effect    5 = Significant Embrittlement
5 = Significant Embrittlement

VN-4400S              VN-4000S
0.28” (0.71 mm)     0.040" (1.02 mm)
Tensile Strength            
15 lbs (6.80 kg)      22 lbs (9.97 kg)
Thermal Properties      
Cold Flex Tolerance
-65°F (-54°C)            65°F (-54°C)     
Recommended Maximum Serv. Temp.
280°F (138°C)          280°F (138°C)                                    
Colour Range             
Yellow, Black              
Yellow, Black, Green,
Red, Blue, Orange 

Custom wiring loom

custome wiring loom braided for 13b runing Mico-tec ECU

Pump room harness for Hitachi digger


Wrx rally car wiring loom, Braided


custom wiring loom deigned and braided to meet the needs of a jet boat, with custom enclosure with ECU fitted to kept dry.


Nissan S13 rb20det engine harness braided

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