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An easy way to get great automotive electrical service near you, including: Diagnostics, Electrical repairs, Harness Design/Braiding, Harness/Loom, Upgrades, Alternators, Starters, EBS/ABS

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New vehicles today are fitted with multiple computers (ECU's) communicating with each other via Can-communication running the electronic systems. Our advanced scan tools and our oscilloscope are a way to determine diagnose electrical faults.


Automotive Electrical Repairs

We will take care of your vehicle's electronic repairs . Engine check light, SRS, EPS, and all those other lights and systems required in modern and older vehicles.


Harness Design/Braiding

Traditional wire harness types include convoluted tubing & braided yarns. Our Harnesses are covered with convoluted tubing are designed for a maximum fill load of your vehicle.


Harness Loom

Vehicle Automotive Electrical Wiring Products. High quality wiring looms and wiring harnesses in older and modern car styles.

Replacement connectors, fuse boxes, panels, switches



Electronic activation of the EBS braking components reduces response and build-up times in brake cylinders. This in turn reduces braking distance by several meters, which can be decisive in some situations. The integrated ABS function ensures driving stability and steerability throughout the braking procedure.



We have all the automotive electrical starter motors, parts and replacements you need for your car.


Starter Motors

We are car repair specialist stokers of starter motor parts and replacements you need for your vehicle.


Electrical Upgrades

LED lighting upgrades.

Dual Battery Systems

Solar systems

Inverters /battery chargers


Recent Projects

Automotive Electrical Service for Classic Cars

Full automotive electrical re-wire Mazda Repu, custom braided on our wiring loom

Automotive Electrical Wiring for Ambulance

Fitted Fusion light bar, siren and control to this Ambulance repair

Automotive Electrical Service
Car Repair for Toyota Hilux

We Fitted this outback roof console and GME uhf to late model Toyota Hilux

Repair with Wiring Loom on Car Harness

Full automotive electrical re-wire from custom wiring loom to this LS powered reliable classic car.

Automotive Electrical Service
Mazda Car Repair

Car repair for Mazda Rx7, full automotive electrical re-wire of engine bay, Braided to kept it tidy and ensure it will last

Car Repair
Classic Car Reapir

Full automotive electrical re-wire, custom loom work, to suit Very Tidy Nissan S13 Drift car, SR20VET, with link ECU

Boat Automotive Electrical Service
  • Best Materials

    We have invested in all the latest specialist tools and diagnostic software that is specifically tailored for the software in your vehicle.

  • Professional Standards

    Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing a variety of models. We only do the work that is needed to fix your problem.

  • Every Job is Personal

    If you want the quality you would expect from the dealership, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere, you have found it.

  • Mobile Electrical

    we can come to you for auto electric problems or repairs we can do from our vehicles